• For Valentine's Day, Put a Cherry on Top

    Connecticut Chocolate Valentines Day 2015Valentine’s Day is almost here. It’s the time of year show that special someone that you care. Show them how much they mean to you with a handmade treat from Mystic Sweets.

    Looking to go the traditional route with the ever-popular box of chocolates? Select from an array of chocolaty treats and package them together for a great gift. Or, since you know your sweetheart best, pick their favorite treats and we’ll put them in a beautiful gift package. You can take things to the next level with a whole basket of delectable treats.

    If you want something more personal, we can help with that, too. Our meticulously sculpted and hand-painted chocolate pieces are as beautiful as they are delicious. Select one of our ready-made sculptures or let us customize a treat especially for your special someone. Besides just chocolate, we also have many delicious types of fudge, candies and ice cream.

    Taking your sweetheart out to dinner for the special day? Going out for a night on the town or to the movies? If you’re in Mystic, Connecticut, stop by the Shoppe for dessert. Even in the snowy dead of winter, it’s never too cold for some ice cream, especially with a hot cup of coffee to go along with it.


    Whatever your plans with your love this Valentine’s Day, Mystic Sweets can help make the day a little sweeter. Don’t wait until the last minute and settle for a cheap gift from the corner gas station. Stop in today and find the right way to say “I love you.”

  • Halloween Candy and Chocolate are here!

    Mystic Sweets Halloween Wholesale ChocolateIt’s October now, which means the beautiful New England fall is in full bloom. It also means one of the biggest candy holidays of the year is right around the corner. Tis the season of Halloween. And we are here to make your Halloween extra sweet!

    This time of year, our high-quality Belgian chocolate sculptures take the shape of ghastly ghouls, jack-o-lanterns, and other tasty specters fitting to the season. All are intimately detailed and hand-painted into spook-tacular works of art that will amaze your trick-or-treaters and make eye-catching home decorations for the season or that Halloween party, décor you can eat afterward as a bonus. One need not make the trip to Mystic to get the Mystic Sweets' Halloween experience many of our chocolates are available at retailers throughout New England, as well. 

    If chocolate’s not your treat of choice, fear not. We also offer a wide selection of candies, available in small packaging to hand out to trick-or-treaters or at parties, or by the bigger load for those with the more voracious appetite. Also available are a wide selection of treats, from tried-and-true seasonal favorites to some of our very own yummy, exquisitely decorated confections.

    Whether you want to go strictly traditional with candy corn and caramel apples, are partial to our good-any-time-of-year chocolates, or want to be the mold-breaker in your neighborhood by handing out something unique and delicious, the Mystic Sweets is the place to find the treats that’ll make everyone's Halloween. Stop in today.

  • Happy Easter & Chocolate Bunnies

    Easter Chocolate bunny

    Easter is around the corner now. This holiday brings with it not only spring, but a storied tradition of delicious treats of all kinds. Mystic Sweets is offers high quality Easter favorites with a taste and presentation that has made them famous throughout New England.

    There are two things it just would be Easter without. One is chocolate bunnies. The Shoppe, of course, produces these classic confections, but ours are no mere bunnies. Our chocolate pieces are meticulously molded and hand-painted works of art. Your family members (or that special someone) will be in awe at the craftsmanship and beauty, should they find a Mystic Sweets bunny in their Easter basket. As for the taste, we only use high-quality Belgian chocolate that is second to none. Whether you like milk chocolate or prefer white or dark, our chocolate is a cut above the everyday kind you might get a convenience store.

    The other mainstay of the holiday is Easter eggs, and the Shoppe has that doubly covered. Our chocolate eggs are just as carefully crafted and colored as our bunnies or any of our other molds, and come in the same delicious flavors. In addition, we can help make your Easter egg hunts a smash by filling them with our chocolate pieces and variety of penny candy.

    And those are just the traditional Easter favorites. Mystic Sweets also offers colorful candies or delicious fudge to share after Easter dinner. Or, since its getting warmer, it’s the perfect time to treat those you love to some Easter ice cream. Whatever your sweet tooth craves this spring, come down to the Shoppe and get the best available.  

  • Holiday Chocolate is on the Shelves

    Classic Santas milk chocolate ConnecticutIt’s that time of year again! The time of good cheer, caroling, snowfall, and sweet goodies of all kinds. The last part is our specialty, as all our treats from the Shoppe are sure to make your holidays both festive and delicious.

    Our handcrafted chocolate sculptures come in all your favorite seasonal fixtures: Santa Claus, elves, wooden soldiers, trees, snowmen, and others. All are made with the detailed molding and meticulous, detail painting our regulars have come to enjoy for years. All make for wonderful decorations that will bring out the holiday spirit in your home, and also make a great gift.

    In addition to our regular Belgian chocolate confections, we also offer many traditional holiday favorites. There is a variety of sweet and colorful candies available to share or give as gifts (to others or yourself). Our popular fudges also make a great treat to share, or to enjoy over the cold days when you’re stuck indoors. And of course, our exquisite selection of truffles are holiday favorites.

    This all probably sounds so good that you can’t decide what to get your loved ones or that secret Santa pick. Well, we’ve got that covered. Our holiday baskets feature a wide variety of our most popular treats. Smaller packages of our different treats also make for great stocking stuffers.

    It’s never too early to start spreading some holiday cheer, and what better form can it take than delectable and delightful chocolates and candy?

  • Treat Your Mother to Something Special

    Connecticut Mothers Day Chocolate Candy

    Mother’s Day, the day to honor the woman who gave you life and so much more, is only weeks away. What a better way to show her that you care than some delicious chocolate? How about only the best Belgian chocolate works of art from Mystic Sweets?

    Our chocolates are popular throughout New England for their presentation as well as their taste. We mold our confections into detailed sculptures for every occasion and hand paint them carefully and colorfully. They’re also available in all three types of chocolate: dark, milk & white. Does your mother crave the sweet purity of traditional milk chocolate? Is her palate more sophisticated and partial to dark? Does she go for the soothing sweet of white chocolate? Whatever her taste, Mystic Sweets’ chocolate confections make a great gift for Mom that she can enjoy looking at as well as devouring.

    Chocolate is not all Mystic Sweets has to offer. We also feature many varieties of candy, fudge and ice cream - so pick some up for dinner or a gift.

    Any good son or daughter knows that they can never do enough to repay Mom for all she’s done for them. So this Mother’s Day, treat mom by bringing her out to the Shoppe for her favorite treat and a cup of coffee. Taking her out for a nice dinner on her special day? Stop by the Shoppe afterwards for desert. Make this a Mother’s Day to remember, or the start of a new yearly tradition. Or if you won’t be passing through Mystic before Mother’s Day, look for our chocolates in stores throughout New England. You won’t regret it, and Mom won’t be disappointed!

  • Turkey Day is fast approaching

    Mystic Sweets Thanksgiving Chocolate TurkeysThanksgiving is only a few short weeks away. Here at the Shoppe, we’ve got all your favorite confections to make your family feast even sweeter, as well as pleasing to the eyes.

    Our famous chocolate Turkeys are back on shelves around New England in all sizes. As with all our creations, these silky, delicious birds are meticulously sculpted and hand-painted in exquisite detail. Our always-popular giant turkeys make for a delightful dinner table centerpiece, one you can also enjoy as dessert after your main courses. They also come in smaller personal sizes to decorate different parts of your home, to serve as individual desserts or give as gifts. All are available in the Shoppe, as well as available wholesale for vendors throughout the region.

    In addition to our fast-growing chocolate turkey tradition, we’re also offering many other scrumptious treats for this time of year. Pretty decorated chocolate and candy pieces are a good way to celebrate the season of giving thanks, and are as good to eat as they are to look at. Late autumn favorites like caramel and chocolate apples and hot after-dinner drinks are also available, and go great with a scoop of ice cream on a night out. 

    Colder weather may be coming, but there’s still plenty of fall left. For this magical time of year, the Shoppe is the place to find the best sweets to make your November a little tastier as well as your Turkey Day festivities more memorable and chocolatey for everyone. Stop by the Shoppe or call and ask about wholesale orders today!

  • Wholesaling through the Holidays

    Thousands stop in to Mystic Sweets Shoppe for our delicious chocolate treats every summer!

    But you don’t need to come to Connecticut to try one of our famous chocolates. Our decadent Belgian chocolate concoctions are known throughout New England, thanks to shops and resellers through the region.

    Now that the summer season is over, the holidays are now on their way! All the major holidays between now and next summer—Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter—are represented in beautiful handcrafted chocolate delights. Mystic Sweets’ famous hand-molded and meticulously colored chocolate items feature beautiful creations for every one of these occasions, from traditional chocolate eggs and bunnies to unique and original creations. In addition, we offer non-holiday pieces that are just as detailed and delicious and also make custom items by requests.

    Orders for any occasion can be placed by phone or via our sales team. Orders are always available for pickup at the Shoppe in Mystic, Connecticut, and are guaranteed to be ready on time. Orders can also be shipped to anywhere in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York State and eastern Pennsylvania. All deliveries are guaranteed to be delivered on time and intact. Believe us: we take so much pride in our work that we wouldn’t even think of shipping it if there were a risk it would get damaged.

    Halloween is already on the horizon, and other holidays will come soon after. Our pretty and tasty treats are sure to be in high demand. Place your orders now!