Mystic Connecticut Dark Milk Chocolate

We use the best Belgian chocolate in our confectionary concoctions. Whether you prefer beloved milk chocolate, mild white, or purer dark, all our chocolatey treats deliver the highest quality flavor. All flavors are molded for holidays and other occasions, and are hand-painted and meticulously detailed for visual presentation as vivid as their taste. Also try them with a wide assortment of candies, fruits, and nuts to experience all the different flavor possibilities.


Mystic Connecticut Fudge Chocolate Sweets

Fudge is a New England tradition, one in which we’re happy to take part. The Shoppe is stocked with many flavors with both chocolate and peanut butter bases. We have traditional sweeter flavors, plain and augmented by nuts or caramel. For the more sophisticated pallet, there’s saltier varieties. And the best thing about fudge is that you can buy it by the block.

Ice Cream

Mystic Connecticut Ice Cream Gelato Italian Ice

A favorite among the summer months, but we believe any time of year is a good time for ice cream. Your favorite flavors are made even better when topped with our candies and chocolatey clusters, and you haven’t had a proper sundae until you’ve tried one with our hot fudge. We also serve sweet, refreshing Italian ice to quench your thirst and please your taste buds. Come to Mystic in the summer months and you’ll get to experience another special treat: gelato.


Mystic Connecticut Candy Gummies Sweets

The sweets we offer go beyond the light and dark of chocolate to cover every color in between. We offer gummies, jelly beans, and penny candies by the pound to satisfy the most pressing sweet tooth. We also carry some of the highest quality local brands.

Café Drinks

On an afternoon trip to the Shoppe or on a night out, a hot or cold drink is a great companion to a treat. A hot latte, cappuccino, espresso, or cup of tea can warm you on a cold day, or wind down the evening nicely. For those looking for something cooler (and thicker, and sweeter), a milkshake made from our ice cream can quench your sweet tooth.