Connecticut Mothers Day Chocolate Candy

Mother’s Day, the day to honor the woman who gave you life and so much more, is only weeks away. What a better way to show her that you care than some delicious chocolate? How about only the best Belgian chocolate works of art from Mystic Sweets?

Our chocolates are popular throughout New England for their presentation as well as their taste. We mold our confections into detailed sculptures for every occasion and hand paint them carefully and colorfully. They’re also available in all three types of chocolate: dark, milk & white. Does your mother crave the sweet purity of traditional milk chocolate? Is her palate more sophisticated and partial to dark? Does she go for the soothing sweet of white chocolate? Whatever her taste, Mystic Sweets’ chocolate confections make a great gift for Mom that she can enjoy looking at as well as devouring.

Chocolate is not all Mystic Sweets has to offer. We also feature many varieties of candy, fudge and ice cream - so pick some up for dinner or a gift.

Any good son or daughter knows that they can never do enough to repay Mom for all she’s done for them. So this Mother’s Day, treat mom by bringing her out to the Shoppe for her favorite treat and a cup of coffee. Taking her out for a nice dinner on her special day? Stop by the Shoppe afterwards for desert. Make this a Mother’s Day to remember, or the start of a new yearly tradition. Or if you won’t be passing through Mystic before Mother’s Day, look for our chocolates in stores throughout New England. You won’t regret it, and Mom won’t be disappointed!