Easter Chocolate bunny

Easter is around the corner now. This holiday brings with it not only spring, but a storied tradition of delicious treats of all kinds. Mystic Sweets is offers high quality Easter favorites with a taste and presentation that has made them famous throughout New England.

There are two things it just would be Easter without. One is chocolate bunnies. The Shoppe, of course, produces these classic confections, but ours are no mere bunnies. Our chocolate pieces are meticulously molded and hand-painted works of art. Your family members (or that special someone) will be in awe at the craftsmanship and beauty, should they find a Mystic Sweets bunny in their Easter basket. As for the taste, we only use high-quality Belgian chocolate that is second to none. Whether you like milk chocolate or prefer white or dark, our chocolate is a cut above the everyday kind you might get a convenience store.

The other mainstay of the holiday is Easter eggs, and the Shoppe has that doubly covered. Our chocolate eggs are just as carefully crafted and colored as our bunnies or any of our other molds, and come in the same delicious flavors. In addition, we can help make your Easter egg hunts a smash by filling them with our chocolate pieces and variety of penny candy.

And those are just the traditional Easter favorites. Mystic Sweets also offers colorful candies or delicious fudge to share after Easter dinner. Or, since its getting warmer, it’s the perfect time to treat those you love to some Easter ice cream. Whatever your sweet tooth craves this spring, come down to the Shoppe and get the best available.