• A Delicious Day in Mystic

    Mystic Connecticut Candy Ice Cream Chocolate

    A day in Mystic is full of fun and possibilities. In addition to the regular attractions like our historic downtown or the Seaport, the summer months are filled with activities every week. And the Shoppe has an assortment of treats that go with every one of them.

    Any time of the day in Mystic has a Mystic Sweet confection to go with it.

    When the early morning sun comes up and you start the day, stop in for your morning cup of coffee. And while you're waking up with that warm cup of caffeine, look around at all the tasty treats we offer: candy, fudge, all manner of snacks covered in our delicious Belgian chocolate. All make a great snack to stock up on and munch on as you spend the day walking around Mystic.

    Come lunch time and the afternoon, that summer sun starts beating down and heating up everything it touches. Few would argue that there’s a better way to cool down than a summertime favorite like ice cream. The Shoppe has all your favorite flavors, and can be made even better with our syrups and other toppings. A cone or dish of ice cream is the perfect break from the afternoon sun, or the tasty cap to a summer barbecue or picnic. Heck, if you’re on vacation, your ice cream can be lunch.

    Our confections can also be dessert after dinner, or the perfect end to a wonderful Mystic day. A stop at the Shoppe can also be the highlight of a night on the town, whether you’re stopping in for ice cream, or filling up on your favorite candy or chocolates to take to your nighttime activity. And when it comes time to leave Mystic, you can take a sweet bit with you with our gift bags, or just a block of our fudge or packet of chocolate or candy.

    A day in Mystic is a day of fun with something for everyone. And every something in town has a treat in the Shoppe to go with it. If you’re in Mystic, come see what your taste buds are missing.

  • Walk the Mystic Drawbridge with some ice cream!

    Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream ConnecticutThere’s nothing quite like walking across the old Mystic Drawbridge downtown with a delicious cone of ice cream. First-time visitors might see it as little more than the quickest route between the Stonington and Groton (Portersville to the savvy locals) sides of the historic downtown. But for residents and longtime visitors, the bridge is a proud piece of our history and heritage, and has been for nearly a century.

    The Mystic River Bascule Bridge has been in operation since the early 1920s. A Strauss Heel Trunnion drawbridge, the bridge’s components are on the outside and make for a spectacle of watching machinery at work. Onlookers are known to gather in the center of town to watch the bridge go up and come back down to take pictures when a boat needs to pass.

    Mystic attracts many boaters for events and activities throughout the warmer months of the year. Seeing all the different vessels—be they restored old ships, luxurious yachts, or just for fishing or other fun—parade up and down the Mystic River is a sight to behold (and takes about a much time as eating an ice cream).

    Best of all, if you miss seeing the bridge in action, you won’t need to not wait long to see it at work, as it rises once an hour during the summer months. And we may be biased, but we think there is no better way of passing the time while waiting than stopping into the store for a treat.

    The Mystic River Bascule Bridge is a piece of living history, one of many to discover during your trip to our small New England paradise. So, take in the sights and history with some of our wonderful ice creams, candies, chocolates or fudge.

  • Wedding & Bridal

    Mystic Connecticut Wedding Bridal Marriage

    At Mystic Sweets, we can make beautiful and delicious pieces of chocolate art for the most special occasion of all: your wedding.

    We take pride in our chocolate, in taste as well as presentation. Our hand-molded, hand-painted sculptures are enjoyed across New England.

    When you tie the knot, your celebration can be catered by Mystic Sweets. We can make chocolate centerpieces and other decorative arrangements to beautify your reception or rehearsal dinner. More than just looking pretty, guests can enjoy the taste of these pieces throughout the celebration, or afterward. 

    The pieces can also be designed to match the theme of your wedding, and be made of you favorite chocolate variant such as dark, milk or white chocolate. Whether you want chocolate as white as the bride’s dress, or prefer dark chocolate painted with the colors your wedding planner has helped you select, we can accommodate!

    We can do more than that for your guests, too. Our chocolates also come in favors for attendees’ gift bags. Whether it’s dark, milk, or white chocolate you choose to share, the memories of the taste are sure to stick with them as long as the memories of your nuptials.

    Our favors and decorative pieces come in nearly any design and are sure to impress. You need not stick to the routine, however, as customization to your tastes is our specialty. Want to make personalized pieces with messages to specific guests? We can do that! A specific color scheme to code your guests’ tables? Sure. A personal design for your cake topper to surprise your future spouse? You bet.

    Weddings are a big undertaking to plan, and you want to make it perfect. So leave part of it to us. Call Rita the Chocolate Diva and let us inject a little Mystic sweetness into your big day.