• Candy & Chocolate for Events, Conferences & Trade Shows

    Candy Chocolate Events Conference Trade Show

    Are you planning or hosting an event in Connecticut or one of the surrounding New England states? If so, why not provide some local flavor to show all your clients and attendees some New England hospitality. And if we may say so, few of those flavors are as delicious as our wonderful Belgian chocolate or varieties of other treats.

    All our popular confections are now available to be part of your trade show, conference or event. Our regular milk chocolate is a sure crowd-pleaser for clients and attendees. Also available for different tastes are our mild white chocolate or stronger dark chocolate. In addition to that milky, creamy goodness, we have a plethora of sweet and colorful candies to choose from. Any of these tasty treats make for a delicious way to strike the right note with everyone in attendance.

    In addition, our penchant for turning our chocolates into eye-catching works of art is available to your advantage. Our chocolates can be customized to fit your needs, and decorated with text or color schemes. Such pieces make great mementos to take home and their one-of-a-kind taste is sure to keep your name in peoples’ minds a little longer.

    Whichever and however many treats your event requires, we’re ready to provide them. Make attendee treats one less thing to worry about at your event. Contact us today to help us make your next trade show or conference a little sweeter, and leave your guests with a sweet taste.

  • For Valentine's Day, Put a Cherry on Top

    Connecticut Chocolate Valentines Day 2015Valentine’s Day is almost here. It’s the time of year show that special someone that you care. Show them how much they mean to you with a handmade treat from Mystic Sweets.

    Looking to go the traditional route with the ever-popular box of chocolates? Select from an array of chocolaty treats and package them together for a great gift. Or, since you know your sweetheart best, pick their favorite treats and we’ll put them in a beautiful gift package. You can take things to the next level with a whole basket of delectable treats.

    If you want something more personal, we can help with that, too. Our meticulously sculpted and hand-painted chocolate pieces are as beautiful as they are delicious. Select one of our ready-made sculptures or let us customize a treat especially for your special someone. Besides just chocolate, we also have many delicious types of fudge, candies and ice cream.

    Taking your sweetheart out to dinner for the special day? Going out for a night on the town or to the movies? If you’re in Mystic, Connecticut, stop by the Shoppe for dessert. Even in the snowy dead of winter, it’s never too cold for some ice cream, especially with a hot cup of coffee to go along with it.


    Whatever your plans with your love this Valentine’s Day, Mystic Sweets can help make the day a little sweeter. Don’t wait until the last minute and settle for a cheap gift from the corner gas station. Stop in today and find the right way to say “I love you.”

  • Halloween Candy and Chocolate are here!

    Mystic Sweets Halloween Wholesale ChocolateIt’s October now, which means the beautiful New England fall is in full bloom. It also means one of the biggest candy holidays of the year is right around the corner. Tis the season of Halloween. And we are here to make your Halloween extra sweet!

    This time of year, our high-quality Belgian chocolate sculptures take the shape of ghastly ghouls, jack-o-lanterns, and other tasty specters fitting to the season. All are intimately detailed and hand-painted into spook-tacular works of art that will amaze your trick-or-treaters and make eye-catching home decorations for the season or that Halloween party, décor you can eat afterward as a bonus. One need not make the trip to Mystic to get the Mystic Sweets' Halloween experience many of our chocolates are available at retailers throughout New England, as well. 

    If chocolate’s not your treat of choice, fear not. We also offer a wide selection of candies, available in small packaging to hand out to trick-or-treaters or at parties, or by the bigger load for those with the more voracious appetite. Also available are a wide selection of treats, from tried-and-true seasonal favorites to some of our very own yummy, exquisitely decorated confections.

    Whether you want to go strictly traditional with candy corn and caramel apples, are partial to our good-any-time-of-year chocolates, or want to be the mold-breaker in your neighborhood by handing out something unique and delicious, the Mystic Sweets is the place to find the treats that’ll make everyone's Halloween. Stop in today.

  • Happy Easter & Chocolate Bunnies

    Easter Chocolate bunny

    Easter is around the corner now. This holiday brings with it not only spring, but a storied tradition of delicious treats of all kinds. Mystic Sweets is offers high quality Easter favorites with a taste and presentation that has made them famous throughout New England.

    There are two things it just would be Easter without. One is chocolate bunnies. The Shoppe, of course, produces these classic confections, but ours are no mere bunnies. Our chocolate pieces are meticulously molded and hand-painted works of art. Your family members (or that special someone) will be in awe at the craftsmanship and beauty, should they find a Mystic Sweets bunny in their Easter basket. As for the taste, we only use high-quality Belgian chocolate that is second to none. Whether you like milk chocolate or prefer white or dark, our chocolate is a cut above the everyday kind you might get a convenience store.

    The other mainstay of the holiday is Easter eggs, and the Shoppe has that doubly covered. Our chocolate eggs are just as carefully crafted and colored as our bunnies or any of our other molds, and come in the same delicious flavors. In addition, we can help make your Easter egg hunts a smash by filling them with our chocolate pieces and variety of penny candy.

    And those are just the traditional Easter favorites. Mystic Sweets also offers colorful candies or delicious fudge to share after Easter dinner. Or, since its getting warmer, it’s the perfect time to treat those you love to some Easter ice cream. Whatever your sweet tooth craves this spring, come down to the Shoppe and get the best available.  

  • On Vacation? Bring a Gift Back for Your Helpers

    New England Connecticut Mystic Vacation Gift

    Mystic is an active and fun place nearly every day of the summer. The town draws weekend visitors and long-term vacationers from around Connecticut and New England and beyond. And we’re open for every day of the summer selling our treats to satisfied customers. Our ice cream topped with chocolatey and nutty toppings or simply on a cone is the perfect way too cool off on a summer day, and our chocolates, candies, and fudge are big draws.

    However, not everyone can make it out to Mystic for some summer fun and tasty sweets. But now, we’ve given you the opportunity to take a little bit of Mystic back home with you to share with family and friends.

    Our "Thank You" gift bags make a great gift for the people back home. Each is packed with chocolate-covered pretzels, offering a winning combination of saltiness and the sweetness of our quality Belgian chocolate. We also produce them in larger versions that come in light, dark, and milk chocolate to please all tastes.

    Our bags are a great present for the folks back home for any reason. Maybe it’s a special occasion, a holiday or some other special event in their life. Or maybe it’s just a delicious way to say thank you for keeping an eye on the house and getting mail while you were away.

    Before you head out of Mystic, pick up a take-home bag to bring a little taste of vacation to your friends or family back home. And while you’re at the Shoppe, try one of all our other tasty treats.

  • Products


    Mystic Connecticut Dark Milk Chocolate

    We use the best Belgian chocolate in our confectionary concoctions. Whether you prefer beloved milk chocolate, mild white, or purer dark, all our chocolatey treats deliver the highest quality flavor. All flavors are molded for holidays and other occasions, and are hand-painted and meticulously detailed for visual presentation as vivid as their taste. Also try them with a wide assortment of candies, fruits, and nuts to experience all the different flavor possibilities.


    Mystic Connecticut Fudge Chocolate Sweets

    Fudge is a New England tradition, one in which we’re happy to take part. The Shoppe is stocked with many flavors with both chocolate and peanut butter bases. We have traditional sweeter flavors, plain and augmented by nuts or caramel. For the more sophisticated pallet, there’s saltier varieties. And the best thing about fudge is that you can buy it by the block.

    Ice Cream

    Mystic Connecticut Ice Cream Gelato Italian Ice

    A favorite among the summer months, but we believe any time of year is a good time for ice cream. Your favorite flavors are made even better when topped with our candies and chocolatey clusters, and you haven’t had a proper sundae until you’ve tried one with our hot fudge. We also serve sweet, refreshing Italian ice to quench your thirst and please your taste buds. Come to Mystic in the summer months and you’ll get to experience another special treat: gelato.


    Mystic Connecticut Candy Gummies Sweets

    The sweets we offer go beyond the light and dark of chocolate to cover every color in between. We offer gummies, jelly beans, and penny candies by the pound to satisfy the most pressing sweet tooth. We also carry some of the highest quality local brands.

    Café Drinks

    On an afternoon trip to the Shoppe or on a night out, a hot or cold drink is a great companion to a treat. A hot latte, cappuccino, espresso, or cup of tea can warm you on a cold day, or wind down the evening nicely. For those looking for something cooler (and thicker, and sweeter), a milkshake made from our ice cream can quench your sweet tooth.

  • Summer has Arrived!

    Mystic Sweets is the place to find all your summertime treats. Naturally, we have everyone’s favorite cure for the summertime heat: ice cream. It’s going to be hot out there! So stop in a cool off with one of our delicious flavors of ice cream, Italian ice or gelato.

    Downtown Mystic will play host to many events throughout the summer. In addition to our ongoing weekly Tuesday Concert series and Monday Blue in the Park starting in July, there’s the Mystic Blues Festival starting June 27. If you like music, then you’ll definitely want to make your way into town to catch all the great acts that will be showcased. The Downtown Mystic Outdoor Art Festival will be August 9 and 10. This event regularly brings in 30,000 people! Incredible artist from around New England make this a regular entry on their summer festival schedule and you should too.

    Then, after Labor Day, the cuisine of the entire town will be featured in the Mystic Eats festival on September 5 through 7. This is a great opportunity to see what our town has to offer for foodies that like to try new dishes or sample the variety. Remember to save room for dessert afterwards! We’ll be offering up fudge and truffles to enjoy while waking around the historic downtown area of town.

    Mystic Sweets will proudly be open during all these events. So whether you’re attending one of these cultural events or are just happen to be in town and have a sweet tooth, come in and 

  • Travelers & Visitors

    Travelers, vacationers, and locals alike; welcome to Mystic Sweets Shoppe! If you're looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth look no further! We have all sorts of delicious treats such as fudge, penny candy, truffles, and to keep you cool during the summer: ice cream! If chocolate is what you crave then come on in to choose from our many chocolate candies made with dark, milk, or white chocolate. If you are around Mystic for the holidays, visit us to see our holiday themed desserts. These special desserts make perfect gifts during the holidays for children and adults alike. 

    The Mystic Art Festival on August 10th 2013 was a great time for everyone! Thanks for stopping in if you made the trip to Mystic for the Art Festival. Though summer is soon coming to a close, now is still a great time to stop in to enjoy the weather and the town. If you are looking to find us, we are nestled in at 7 West, Main Street, and have everything you need to settle your cravings.

    So come here  to Mystic, Connecticut, kick up your feet, and stay awhile. Be sure to visit us at the Mystic Sweets Shoppe for your one-of-a-kind desserts. We'll be waiting for you!

  • Treat Your Mother to Something Special

    Connecticut Mothers Day Chocolate Candy

    Mother’s Day, the day to honor the woman who gave you life and so much more, is only weeks away. What a better way to show her that you care than some delicious chocolate? How about only the best Belgian chocolate works of art from Mystic Sweets?

    Our chocolates are popular throughout New England for their presentation as well as their taste. We mold our confections into detailed sculptures for every occasion and hand paint them carefully and colorfully. They’re also available in all three types of chocolate: dark, milk & white. Does your mother crave the sweet purity of traditional milk chocolate? Is her palate more sophisticated and partial to dark? Does she go for the soothing sweet of white chocolate? Whatever her taste, Mystic Sweets’ chocolate confections make a great gift for Mom that she can enjoy looking at as well as devouring.

    Chocolate is not all Mystic Sweets has to offer. We also feature many varieties of candy, fudge and ice cream - so pick some up for dinner or a gift.

    Any good son or daughter knows that they can never do enough to repay Mom for all she’s done for them. So this Mother’s Day, treat mom by bringing her out to the Shoppe for her favorite treat and a cup of coffee. Taking her out for a nice dinner on her special day? Stop by the Shoppe afterwards for desert. Make this a Mother’s Day to remember, or the start of a new yearly tradition. Or if you won’t be passing through Mystic before Mother’s Day, look for our chocolates in stores throughout New England. You won’t regret it, and Mom won’t be disappointed!

  • Turkey Day is fast approaching

    Mystic Sweets Thanksgiving Chocolate TurkeysThanksgiving is only a few short weeks away. Here at the Shoppe, we’ve got all your favorite confections to make your family feast even sweeter, as well as pleasing to the eyes.

    Our famous chocolate Turkeys are back on shelves around New England in all sizes. As with all our creations, these silky, delicious birds are meticulously sculpted and hand-painted in exquisite detail. Our always-popular giant turkeys make for a delightful dinner table centerpiece, one you can also enjoy as dessert after your main courses. They also come in smaller personal sizes to decorate different parts of your home, to serve as individual desserts or give as gifts. All are available in the Shoppe, as well as available wholesale for vendors throughout the region.

    In addition to our fast-growing chocolate turkey tradition, we’re also offering many other scrumptious treats for this time of year. Pretty decorated chocolate and candy pieces are a good way to celebrate the season of giving thanks, and are as good to eat as they are to look at. Late autumn favorites like caramel and chocolate apples and hot after-dinner drinks are also available, and go great with a scoop of ice cream on a night out. 

    Colder weather may be coming, but there’s still plenty of fall left. For this magical time of year, the Shoppe is the place to find the best sweets to make your November a little tastier as well as your Turkey Day festivities more memorable and chocolatey for everyone. Stop by the Shoppe or call and ask about wholesale orders today!

  • Wedding & Bridal Candy Services

    Wedding Bridal Candy Chocolate Connecticut

    A wedding is as much a cause to celebrate as any holiday. And just like all the major holidays, Mystic Sweets is committed to marking the occasion with our delicious treats.

    Let us provide your wedding or wedding shower with sweet, flavorful favors. We can customize each treat to your specifications. Or choose you can select one of the many beautiful designs we offer. Either way, your guests and wedding party will be in for a treat when they bite into their wonderful chocolate, fudge or candy.

    Our chocolate is more than delicious, as well. The creations known throughout New England are just as famous for their exquisite detail. Our sculptures are molded and hand-painted into works of art you can eat. Not only can they decorate your wedding or shower displays, but guests can enjoy them afterward too. The sculptures come in milk, white or dark chocolate, and can be painted any color to match the wedding theme.

    We’re ready to fill orders for wedding and wedding parties all year round. Preparing for and going through such an occasion can be a very busy time, with so many elements to think about that one can become worrisome. Place an order with Mystic Sweets, however, and it’s guaranteed to be ready for the big day. Wedding planners, all or stop by the Shoppe today and let us help make the big day a little sweeter.