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    At Mystic Sweets, we can make beautiful and delicious pieces of chocolate art for the most special occasion of all: your wedding.

    We take pride in our chocolate, in taste as well as presentation. Our hand-molded, hand-painted sculptures are enjoyed across New England.

    When you tie the knot, your celebration can be catered by Mystic Sweets. We can make chocolate centerpieces and other decorative arrangements to beautify your reception or rehearsal dinner. More than just looking pretty, guests can enjoy the taste of these pieces throughout the celebration, or afterward. 

    The pieces can also be designed to match the theme of your wedding, and be made of you favorite chocolate variant such as dark, milk or white chocolate. Whether you want chocolate as white as the bride’s dress, or prefer dark chocolate painted with the colors your wedding planner has helped you select, we can accommodate!

    We can do more than that for your guests, too. Our chocolates also come in favors for attendees’ gift bags. Whether it’s dark, milk, or white chocolate you choose to share, the memories of the taste are sure to stick with them as long as the memories of your nuptials.

    Our favors and decorative pieces come in nearly any design and are sure to impress. You need not stick to the routine, however, as customization to your tastes is our specialty. Want to make personalized pieces with messages to specific guests? We can do that! A specific color scheme to code your guests’ tables? Sure. A personal design for your cake topper to surprise your future spouse? You bet.

    Weddings are a big undertaking to plan, and you want to make it perfect. So leave part of it to us. Call Rita the Chocolate Diva and let us inject a little Mystic sweetness into your big day.

  • Wedding & Bridal Candy Services

    Wedding Bridal Candy Chocolate Connecticut

    A wedding is as much a cause to celebrate as any holiday. And just like all the major holidays, Mystic Sweets is committed to marking the occasion with our delicious treats.

    Let us provide your wedding or wedding shower with sweet, flavorful favors. We can customize each treat to your specifications. Or choose you can select one of the many beautiful designs we offer. Either way, your guests and wedding party will be in for a treat when they bite into their wonderful chocolate, fudge or candy.

    Our chocolate is more than delicious, as well. The creations known throughout New England are just as famous for their exquisite detail. Our sculptures are molded and hand-painted into works of art you can eat. Not only can they decorate your wedding or shower displays, but guests can enjoy them afterward too. The sculptures come in milk, white or dark chocolate, and can be painted any color to match the wedding theme.

    We’re ready to fill orders for wedding and wedding parties all year round. Preparing for and going through such an occasion can be a very busy time, with so many elements to think about that one can become worrisome. Place an order with Mystic Sweets, however, and it’s guaranteed to be ready for the big day. Wedding planners, all or stop by the Shoppe today and let us help make the big day a little sweeter.