• Candy & Chocolate for Events, Conferences & Trade Shows

    Candy Chocolate Events Conference Trade Show

    Are you planning or hosting an event in Connecticut or one of the surrounding New England states? If so, why not provide some local flavor to show all your clients and attendees some New England hospitality. And if we may say so, few of those flavors are as delicious as our wonderful Belgian chocolate or varieties of other treats.

    All our popular confections are now available to be part of your trade show, conference or event. Our regular milk chocolate is a sure crowd-pleaser for clients and attendees. Also available for different tastes are our mild white chocolate or stronger dark chocolate. In addition to that milky, creamy goodness, we have a plethora of sweet and colorful candies to choose from. Any of these tasty treats make for a delicious way to strike the right note with everyone in attendance.

    In addition, our penchant for turning our chocolates into eye-catching works of art is available to your advantage. Our chocolates can be customized to fit your needs, and decorated with text or color schemes. Such pieces make great mementos to take home and their one-of-a-kind taste is sure to keep your name in peoples’ minds a little longer.

    Whichever and however many treats your event requires, we’re ready to provide them. Make attendee treats one less thing to worry about at your event. Contact us today to help us make your next trade show or conference a little sweeter, and leave your guests with a sweet taste.

  • Wedding & Bridal Candy Services

    Wedding Bridal Candy Chocolate Connecticut

    A wedding is as much a cause to celebrate as any holiday. And just like all the major holidays, Mystic Sweets is committed to marking the occasion with our delicious treats.

    Let us provide your wedding or wedding shower with sweet, flavorful favors. We can customize each treat to your specifications. Or choose you can select one of the many beautiful designs we offer. Either way, your guests and wedding party will be in for a treat when they bite into their wonderful chocolate, fudge or candy.

    Our chocolate is more than delicious, as well. The creations known throughout New England are just as famous for their exquisite detail. Our sculptures are molded and hand-painted into works of art you can eat. Not only can they decorate your wedding or shower displays, but guests can enjoy them afterward too. The sculptures come in milk, white or dark chocolate, and can be painted any color to match the wedding theme.

    We’re ready to fill orders for wedding and wedding parties all year round. Preparing for and going through such an occasion can be a very busy time, with so many elements to think about that one can become worrisome. Place an order with Mystic Sweets, however, and it’s guaranteed to be ready for the big day. Wedding planners, all or stop by the Shoppe today and let us help make the big day a little sweeter.